Abies Spirulina


Dietary supplement

COMPOSITION: 300 mg of Spirulina maxima powder (Spirulina platensis) providing no less than 50% of highly bioavailable proteins

RECOMMENDED INTAKE: 1 to 2 capsules a day, half an hour before main meals; can be increased to 4 capsules a day.

INDICATIONS: Microscopic algae that provides proteins, essential amino acids, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Essential amino acids are those that the body needs and is not able to synthesize, so they must be provided through the diet. However, not all protein foods contain them. The NPU (net protein utilization) of Abies Spirulina is close to maximum 94%.

Of the minerals present, iron favors recovery in case of anemia or incomplete diets low in iron.
For diets of athletes or those who require a higher energy intake without involving weight gain.